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We have all been in situations like these before – a cupboard door falling from its hinge, a chair with one leg shorter, a shoe rack needing some reinforcements. And since there are some of us who are not the best with our hands, these are times when we need a carpenter.

Carpenters are usually very flexible to accommodate the various requests of customers. From constructing an entire building from blueprints, to fixing bed frames, carpenters’ ability to work with multiple types of requests make them indispensable. Sometimes, getting a carpenter will be more economical than trying to do-it-yourself, or even buying a brand new item. So, engage the service of a carpenter when:

The other parts of the item still can be used

With the professional eye of a carpenter, maybe the item that you thought had come to its end can still be saved. So, if the other parts of a ‘broken’ piece of furniture or item are still good, it probably means that a carpenter could fix the item, although it may not look like its original. Mother Nature will also thank you for saving an entire book shelf by fixing a broken section of it, instead of getting rid of it.

You really want to keep (or keep using) the item, but it’s not in safe, usable condition

For sentimental or practical reasons, if you still want to keep an item, it would be better in the long term to have it fixed first, especially if you plan to keep using the item, like a coat rack.

You want to have an addition to your fixtures and fittings

It can sometimes be more time consuming to have a purpose-built item than going shopping, hoping and searching for a suitable item for specific purposes. A bird house or wine/coffee racks in a specific size and shape function much better than a ready-made one which may not be the perfect fit!

About KWYM

Over a decade, KWYM has now grown to a 5600 sq ft office factory with a 16-man carpentry team, a draft team, and a project management team. We are a locally-born, in-house carpentry company, meeting the needs of Singaporeans and expatriates alike, seeking to make their home and office space perfect to their design goal.

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