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A Scandinavian design in your home means that you can enjoy minimal decoration, clean lines, functionality, and a cleanness that is typically unseen in other types of design. Light floods Scandinavian homes, and paints are muted and earth-toned, making the whole environment warm and relaxing. Craftsmanship is high-quality, and your Scandinavian home design will feel expensive but comforting and elegant at the same time.

Remember as you plan the interior design of your home to fit the “Scandinavian” idea you have in mind that there is more than one Scandinavian design. For example, the Gustavian period of the 1950’s and ‘60’s has a more retro feel than the more minimalist designs from the last couple of decades, according to


A light-colored wooden floor in all rooms except the washroom is a central Scandinavian design element.


Earlier Scandinavian designs used more colour than is seen in more modern designs. That being said, white, earth tones, grey, and blue are some typical colours seen in Scandinavian designs. For a contemporary feel, paint a white wall next to a grey wall.


Wood is used extensively in Scandinavian design on floors and walls. Try contrasting light floors with darker wood paneling features. Additionally, cladding is used to add texture and warmth. A grey oil on pine or oak can help strip the yellow of these types of woods away.


The architecture and furniture of Scandinavian design boast clean lines and minimal ornamentation.


Scandinavian living spaces are very functional, making them easy to live in.


Designs from the mid-century era include those by Alvar Aalto, Hans Wegner, and Arne Jacobson.

Industrial Scandinavian

Your home doesn’t have to be purely Scandinavian in design. Add in some industrial to make your home truly unique. Exposed, dark electrical fixtures; and large, boldly-coloured furniture with white walls throughout the room complement each other well.

Adding Colour

Hearken back to Scandinavian design’s mid-century period by adding in some color on the walls, floors, and in the furniture. Not too much, or it might overwhelm the design.

Repeated Design Elements

One or two design elements that repeat throughout the house unify the overall design. Minimalist design is very neat and comforting by nature.

Scandinavian design can serve as the entire design for a room or house in Singapore, or you can combine it with other styles. Add in some retro furniture or industrial features to make the space truly special and unique.

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