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Sometimes, designs that are gorgeous may not be the easiest to maintain or keep clean. Homes in Singapore – being a tropical island – would be familiar with dust easily collecting on cabinet tops. Here are some tips on how to make your home designer-magazine worthy, but your cleaning easy.

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Fit skirting boards to walls

Instead of the usual 90-degree floor joints from floor to wall, which makes cleaning more difficult, have skirtings that join the floor to the wall in a smooth bend, almost like the curve at a skateboarder’s park. When the floor meets the wall at a 90-degree, dust can easily stick to the sides, and extra time and attention is needed when sweeping, mopping and cleaning. So, get your contractor/builder to fit rounded skirtings instead so mopping and cleaning become a breeze.

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Put doors on cabinets

While open cabinets without doors are convenient and nice- looking, they can be a bane when it comes to dusting and cleaning. So, installing glass doors that don’t hide the beauty of the treasures that are on your shelves – like books, vases, family photos. While it may cost that bit more, the long-term trouble you save from not having to dust and clean as often is definitely worth it.

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Make sinks stick to walls

An easy solution to lightening your house-cleaning load is to make sure you choose a sink that can ‘stick’ to the wall, as compared to having a gap between the wall and your sink. This gap is ultimately purposeless and with water dripping from the tap or being splashed from your hand when under running water, the gap can get pretty dirty pretty quick.

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Use tiles instead of painted walls around areas that frequently get wet

Even with easy- to-clean paint, areas around sinks, or in bathrooms, where it gets frequently damp. These areas will do better with tiles that are easy to clean. Also, don’t choose tiles with lots of ridges on them; there are many designs/types of easy-to-clean tiles that don’t compromise on style and sophistication.

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