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Living in Singapore means having lots of options for going out. Whether to the library, museum, parks or cafes, there’s always a place to go to hang out and chill with friends or just be by yourself. But you also want to make sure you feel that your very own HDB is your pride, your refuge. So, here are some tips to consider in order to make your HDB, your very own castle.

Tip #1: Change the lighting:

It isn’t very expensive, but it can make a world of difference. Changing a section of your HDB from white light to warm, yellow light allows for that area to spell “comfort” and “ease”. Furthermore, LED lights are so much more affordable nowadays and they last so much longer. So, change some lights and throw in a soft pillow or two, and you would have gotten yourself a cosy corner, perfect for putting up the feet and sipping a cup of tea.

Tip #2: Don’t worry too much about the outside, but invest more on the inside:

While you shouldn’t leave the outside of your HDB looking decrepit and run-down, don’t spend excessive amounts of money buying beautiful decoration and fixtures for the outside of your HDB. After all, you only walk past the outside a few seconds daily, while coming in and going out. Just do some necessary touch-ups or give the walls a fresh coat of paint, while making sure you have neat and suitable storage for your footwear. Then invest your money on the inside of your HDB because that’s where you’re going to spend the majority of time in.

Tip #3: Colour coordinate:

It’s so tempting to look for deals in fixtures and fittings, even when they don’t match the colour scheme of your HDB. But if you take a little bit of effort and time to make sure your furniture, curtains and overall fixtures and fittings match a certain colour scheme, you’ll notice that your HDB will look more cohesive in its totality. You’ll first have to decide on what sort of colour scheme you like – for example, dark, strong colours or relaxing, pastel shades. Then, make sure you match most of what you have within those colours and you’ll find that there is a unity that flows within your castle!

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