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Mix motifs and colors

Yes it’s trendy to mix different colors with different patterns but be careful because if you don’t do it without a good use of know-how.

The solution is to mix but without going too far. If you want to mix colors you can, nevertheless stay in the same shades and if you want to mix motifs stay in the same shapes but you can play with size.

Associate furnitures with different size

If you put some small furnitures next to big furnitures you will break the place harmony. Before buying furnitures you have to know your room’ space and know how you will design your room in order to best match your own home.

Gather several materials

If you want to design your home with fur pillow, velvet footstool, pile carpet and sponginess wall-paper, don’t do it. This abuse of texture is heavy for a room. So don’t add more than two different materials per room, it’s enough to be in a warm atmosphere.

Collect too many furnitures or objects in the same room

If you like to collect object don’t exposed them, it will clutter up your space. It’s totally not minimalist. You wouldn’t be able to move in your room and you could feel oppressed. So take everything in surplus and put it in a storage cupboard.

Color the ceiling

If you want to differentiate yourself please don’t color your ceiling. It will give you a feeling of overwhelming. Especially if the color is dark. So don’t paint your ceiling except in need of refreshment.

Succumb to a total white look

Yes, Scandinavian and Nordic style are trendy, but to have a warm atmosphere in your home you need to add colors to white. Yes white means delicacy, rest and well-being but also it transforms your space in an aseptic room. So add some furnitures as a colour carpet, a green plant, coloured pillows.

Charged too much walls

It’s trendy to hang on a mirror, a frame, an advertising, medals … But if you don’t have the « know-how » to do this, do nothing. Otherwise your room is stifling. To do it you need to detach yourself, and take some step back from the wall to see if it’s not too messy.

Associate all styles

Lot of different styles are popular but you can’t mix Scandinavian, ethnic chic, vintage and art deco 70’s in the same room, please not too many! You can mix two styles but if you add another one it might be too much. You have to maintain a certain coherence in your design.

Ignore lighting

50% of a good decoration is caused by a good lighting. You really need to take care about this point. You also need to adapt each light for each activity/room. A reading light in your reading corner, suspended light above your dinner table, etc … You can also consider installing variable lights to adapt it for each atmosphere.

Beautiful furniture but uncomfortable

You like the style of a sofa, chair, etc, in a store.. but when it is in your home, you realize how it is uncomfortable in your living-room. This also applies for impractical furnitures.

So now you hold the key to have a nice interior and to feel good inside. If you respect these criterias you will be totally trendy and you can impress your friends. All these tips must be followed to be faultless.

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