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Established in Singapore since 2008, KWYM Interior Designs Pte Ltd is a Choice Renovation Contractor for all your Home Renovation Needs. For inquiries, do call us today at +65 6851 6068 or +65 6851 6069. Alternatively, please email us at

There are websites all across the Internet that are dedicated to catching shady contractors. There is even a television show that is dedicated to the same purpose. Let’s face it, when it comes to home renovation, you want to hire someone you can trust. There are a lot of dishonest home renovation contractors that have made a given a bad name to honest, hard-working contractors. In order to avoid all the drama that comes with having a bad contractor, here are some tips to follow in order to ensure that you will have the best experience possible with a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore.

Only request a quote if you are serious. Do you have the time, energy and money that are required for the project? Are you going to be working on it in the nearby future? If no you cannot answer yes to all of these statements then you should probably consider waiting to contact contractors until you are ready. Contractors will do all that they can do to provide a quote in a quick manner because they are always looking to form new customer relations or continue existing ones. When you begin the process prematurely, you are wasting precious time of everyone involved. If you choose a contractor, make sure you let other companies you contacted know. They can handle it. They are tough.

If you are unsure about a price admit it. Not everyone knows exactly how much everything costs. It is okay if something costs more than you anticipated, it happens to the best of us. Are you looking for a gourmet kitchen that has everything to make cooking a dream? That will cost you a pretty penny. Do you want an addition on the back of your house? This can also be pretty pricey. Sticker shock can often take over and cause a deal breaker. In order to avoid this, ask the renovation contractor for a ballpark figure based on information provided. Some contractors prefer to do a walk through before providing a ballpark figure. However, some will be able to do this over the phone.

If you are not a chef, stay out of the kitchen. In other words if you are not the person in charge of making decisions, stay away. If you don’t you can cause confusion to the contractor. It is best to have a leader within the couple, if you are married, to relay messages to the contracting team. This keeps everyone on task and reduces chaos. Renovations are chaotic enough without communication issues.

Do your research! This cannot be stressed enough. You should always see what you could find on the renovation contractor that you intend to hire. Ask around. Look up information on Google. Look on blogs and Facebook for negative reviews. These are great resources that are readily available so why not use them? You should contact different companies to see what they can offer. You want a renovation contractor that is going to provide you the best work possible. You will be happy that you did research instead of settling on the first renovation contractor that popped up in your search engine results.

Do not worry about minor imperfections. There are bound to be imperfections when items are homemade. Human hands are not infallible. There are machines that can give you cookie-cutter perfection you are looking for. Let’s be honest though. If you wanted a cookie-cutter house, you would not be hiring a renovation contractor. When using spray foam, you need to know that it expands so it may appear uneven. It takes time and dedication to make anything that is unique and handcrafted. It is a dying skill that not a lot of people have to date.

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