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Who wants their home ripped apart for months on end? No one, really. It’s daunting to think of your home being in shambles while a contractor renovates it. Compound that with mistakes you make during the renovation process, and the whole thing becomes an ordeal. Maybe you chose the wrong contractor or didn’t think carefully about what you really wanted. Here are some tips to help you avoid making poor choices during your renovation so that you can truly enjoy your updated home.

Small Mistakes

As you come across mistakes in your renovation, such as not planning for enough space in a room, fix them. They will come back to haunt you if you don’t. Other people will notice the problems, too.


Trends are nice, but do they really match what you need out of your living arrangements? They also change over time. Think about what you want out of your home in the long run. That should guide your design choice. If there are elements of a trend that you like, incorporate them into your overall design.

Kids Rooms

Avoid painting your kid’s bedroom with a mural of a zoo and decorating with stuffed animals all around. They will grow up, and you will be stuck having to redesign the room. Choose a classic design that you can update over time to suit their new stages in life.


Don’t buy furniture before you plan for enough room in your renovated space. The pieces may not fit or look right. Consider walking and leg room. Make a floor plan with dimensions of furniture so that you can see that everything fits and looks right in your new design.

Buying Inappropriately

What happens if you buy a counter top that gets gouged or stains easily? It might look great, but daily living will show that you should have chosen a less porous material. Do your research on any material that you choose for flooring, counters, walls, etc. to make sure it is practical.

Cheap Materials

Cheap materials won’t hold up to the daily wear and tear that you will exert on them. Paying extra for good quality is smart if it means saving money and hassle on replacing material in the long run.

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