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Influenced by tradition and culture stemming from thousands of years ago, Japan’s architecture and interior design have been developing to a harmonic and serene aesthetics. This can be summed up by one word: Zen. Zen décor emphasizes balance, order, customs and the love for natural beauty. Let’s bring a little bit of the well-honed Zen into our lifestyles.

A very notable thing about Japanese style interior designs is their clear and clean appearance. The underlying design is to create a homely atmosphere and a serene environment. Here we are going to show you some of the common features in Japanese interior design.

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This is the traditional Japanese entrance. It is used to store shoes before entering the house. The genkan is connected to the main flooring of the house which is slightly raised above.

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An O-Furo is a part of the Japanese custom set up in a bathroom. It is usually separated from the toilet and Japanese use this main bathtub as a way to relax after rinsing themselves thoroughly.

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It is the Japanese traditional style of bedding, a thin and unsprung mattress that is set on the floor or on a low-rise bed. Futon has a fabric lining and cotton or wool wadding that can be rolled up or folded in two.

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Refers to the wooden partitions of a Japanese house. The thick paper sliding doors are an important entity in Japanese interior design. You will be amazed by the change of space through using a different variation of door. In the construction of these long-lasting partitions, precision in joinery techniques is a key element.

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Tatami is a floor covering material normally presented in a Japanese-style room. It is made in standard size and usually treated as a bed or mat. The core is traditionally made from rice straw and contemporarily compressed with wood chip boards or polystyrene foam.

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This is a raised alcove located on a platform that carries a delicate floral arrangement, a favorite piece of pottery or an artistic calligraphy, and is the focal point to perform religious rituals.

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This is a functionally mobile storage cabinetry indigenous to Japan. A chest of drawers that is made with fine wood cladding and adjunctive to house architecture. Tansu does not have legs and can be coated in a dry or lacquered finish.

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Kakemono is a vertical hanging scroll used to display and exhibit calligraphy or painting. It is a Japanese interior design that can be changed to match the season. Its backing is flexible and its edge is usually mounted with silk fabric, so that it can easily be rolled for storage


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Japanese Zen philosophy inspires the simplistic and natural essence found in minimalist architecture and design. This style of interior design is something uniquely presented in a simple but multi-functional way, where every detail reflects Japanese history, tradition and lifestyle. Why not just let the Japanese simplicity add a becalming and tranquil decorating touch to your home. Welcome to contact us at +65 6851 6068 or +65 6851 6069 for consultation.

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