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Rustic-industrial design is gaining tremendous popularity. This theme pays attention to mechanical details and functionality, and it is all about revealing the space’s intrinsic state – giving your home an authentic, warehouse-inspired look. It demonstrates us how to build a characteristic home that offers a chic change from the norm. Not only applicable to residential properties for both HDB and Condo, this interior style is also suitable for creating a lively office space.

It can be pretty mind-boggling to find ideas on industrial interior design from scratch, so we decided to whip up a list of thematic ideas for rustic-industrial design, transforming your living or working space into a stylish and relaxing domain.

Blends of Materials

The industrial look was accomplished by balancing out a mix of materials. Use of features such as raw concrete, bare brick, panelled wood and exposed ductwork – all adds a touch of industrial flavor to your territory. Exposed brick walls, concrete screed, steel beams and wooden flooring combine to create an ultra-stylish look that contributes to a stripped-down but sophisticated aesthetics.

Emphasis on Metal

This is one perfect element of classifying the industrial appearance. Exposed rivets and pipes in muted colors give a darker metal accents that represents the desire for a functional and realistic feel. Polished Patina or copper will make your space look elegant while brushed and rusted metal will contribute to the rustic aspect of your interior. One of the easiest ways in adding character to a rustic-industrial interior is to leave out finishing and to expose structural components.

Palette of Colors

Color plays an important role in presenting the characteristic of industrial interiors. White color appears clean, bright and inviting; earthy colors make the inner spaces cozier; dusky colors bring out chic and modern feel. The ideal backdrop which goes well with everything would be simple white wall. In-between place weathered gray wall to make a contrast and add some characters. Flooring with a vibrant shades of earth tone makes your space comfortable and Door or window frame in black is undoubtedly the best color to match with other metal components.

Furniture and Accessories

Selecting unique furniture to seamlessly match with your industrial interior. Consider a dining table renovated from a sewing machine or a special tiled dining table which offers a rugged interpretation. A sleek black leather sofa is also a good mate with metal while laminate cabinets present a visual effect that well pairs with concrete ceiling, floor, or wall. Decorate your space with a variety of nostalgic posters, antique lamp, vintage clock, rustic cushions, distressed leather chair and other decorative pieces with different shades of tones. All These can help produce an even more industrial feel, fill up your palette of colors and add an extra personal touch.

Elementary Lighting Component

If you’re looking for industrial lighting, there’s plenty of choices to find. Lighting can make it unique to industrial interior design: just transform the simplest light bulbs into aesthetic lighting elements. There’s a wide range of beautiful light bulbs on the market. You can find plenty of possibilities for a decorative bulb – Thin or thick, small or large, long or short, drop-shaped or diamond-like, bright or dim, color of the shell, pattern of the filament – Just pick any of them that befits your taste.

Reinventing Existing Features

For those who might not want to spend a huge cost on a complete change of look, how about make the best of your existing elements to fulfil a taste of rustic character. Beams, pillars, columns, pipes and ductwork … do not cover them if you have any of these features in your current setting. Try to paint them and make them shine in a contrasting color. Such appearance of an industrial style is exclusive to your space like no other. On the other hand, you can go for 3D tiles stickers that look true to the touch of real bricks too. As for concrete wall or floor, vinyl tiles can be installed to bring you an incredible level of concrete details. Afterall, you’ll be amazed by what you can come up with a budgeted expenditure!

Rustic-industrial design truly bring out a dash of playfulness, retro but not old, amusing but not arbitrary, further adding a sense of homeliness and comfort. No wonder it’s one of the most sought-after interior designs these days.

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